Pence refused to help Carrier in 2014

12/01/16 08:09 PM EST

Vice-president-elect Mike Pence turned down a request from Carrier two years ago to veto a bill that rolled back the state's energy efficiency program, a move the furnace maker warned would hurt its business there and lead to job cuts.

In a March 2014 joint letter, Carrier's parent company, United Technologies Corp., along with GE, Johnson Controls and Honeywell, asked the Indiana governor to oppose the bill, warning that ending the energy program would eliminate about 380 direct jobs and more than 1,200 indirect jobs, as well as $500 million in annual economic investments.


Energizing Indiana offered buyers reduced costs for lighting products, free residential walk-through efficiency audits and rebates to businesses for installing energy efficient equipment such as the HVAC parts and furnaces Carrier makes. In its first year, the program provided up to $5.49 in savings for each dollar spent by commercial and industrial customers, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission said in an August 2014 report. And in 2014, the program reaped 404 gigawatt hours of energy efficiency beyond the 591 gigawatt hours the utilities' programs provided, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance said in an April 2015 presentation.

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