Leaders Gather to Celebrate Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Success Story

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Leaders Gather to Celebrate Ohio's Energy Efficiency Success Story

COLUMBUS, OHIO - Ohio's role as an energy efficiency leader will be spotlighted today at the 2011 Ohio Energy Expo, an event hosted by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance with sponsorship from JACO Environmental, Inc.

Energy stakeholders and policymakers from throughout Ohio will gather at the Statehouse today from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to celebrate Ohio's progress and highlight the importance of the state's energy efficiency policies.

Thanks to the 2008 landmark legislation Senate Bill 221, which established an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard for the state's investor-owned utilities, Ohio has become an energy efficiency success story:

  • Energy efficiency programs run by three of Ohio's major utilities (American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light) in 2010 resulted in a combined savings of more than 850,000 MWh – enough electricity to power 81,000 average Ohio homes for a year.
  • The energy efficiency programs implemented by these three utilities will also save their customers $351 million over the life of the measures. 
  • By 2027, SB 221's energy efficiency programs will reduce Ohio's baseline electricity use by 12 percent from 2011 usage.
  • The total energy savings realized under SB221 between 2011 and 2027 could add up to 318 billion kWh – the equivalent of all of Ohio's coal-fired electricity plants running at full capacity for a year and a half.
  • The long-term benefits of SB221 could include more than $3 billion in annual customer savings and the creation of 49,000 jobs between now and 2027.
  • Every $1 spent on utility energy efficiency programs creates more than $3 in savings on customers' electricity bills.
  • Every $1 million in energy efficiency investments creates 5.4 direct jobs.

According to MEEA Executive Director Jay Wrobel, the long-term benefits of legislation such as SB 221 far outweigh the costs.

"Ohio's investment in energy efficiency has helped the state create economic opportunity, add jobs and save money for consumers across the state," said Wrobel.

"When consumers can spend less on energy, they have more disposable income to spend elsewhere. The local economy also retains more money, since fewer funds need to be sent out of state to import energy."

In addition to Wrobel, the event will feature energy leaders such as Beth Gianforcaro from the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel, Greg Tiernan of Duke Energy, Michelle Cross of AEP Ohio, and Kara McMillen of Dayton Power & Light.

The Energy Expo is part of MEEA's outreach to promote energy efficiency best practices, training and networking among energy and technology companies in Ohio and across the Midwest.

The Ohio Energy Expo will feature 25 exhibitors on the capitol's west plaza, including:

JACO Environmental Inc (Event Sponsor) Energy@Work Strategies+Solutions
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Green Energy Ohio
AEP Ohio LEDrite & Co.
Building Science Academy Ohio Consumers' Counsel
Carbon Vision Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Columbia Gas of Ohio Replex Plastics
Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development Sierra Club
Council of Smaller Enterprises Solar Energy Inc.
Dayton Power & Light Tipping Point Renewable Energy
Duke Energy TruTech Tools
Ecohouse, LLC University Clean Energy Alliance Ohio
Energy Systems Group Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio
Thermo-scan Inspections WaterFurnance International

MEEA's energy expos bring together utilities, manufacturers, and other energy stakeholders to highlight the economic development potential of energy efficiency policies.

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