Lights for Learning®

Saving Energy Through Education and Fundraising

Changing the World One Lightbulb at a Time

The Lights for Learning (L4L) program inspires students to take action, stimulates awareness of energy efficiency, and educates students to become the next generation of environmentally aware citizens. L4L features hands-on educational presentations and energy efficiency focused fundraising opportunities.

L4L is offered for free throughout Illinois due to a generous grant from the State Energy and Recycling Office. There are three ways to participate:

The habits that students adopt through the L4L fundraiser and educational presentation make energy-conscious and environmentally-aware choices an integral part of the rest of their lives. By promoting energy-efficient products and practices in their neighborhoods and during dinner-table conversation at home, students become community energy efficiency ambassadors.

Annual L4L contests encourage students to apply their creativity toward developing videos, poems, and posters promoting energy efficiency. 

To participate in L4L in Illinois, visit www.lights4learning.org, contact info@lights4learning.org, or call us at 800.465.6045.

Interested in Licensing L4L?

L4L is a tried and true energy efficiency education program and has been operating successfully in Illinois for more than 11 years. L4L’s strength lies in the program’s flexibility, strong ties to youth and community, and its potential to educate and engage a wide range of youth, educational stakeholders, and community members. L4L’s interactive educational model is an ideal way to engage students of all learning types through the use of energy bikes, lightboards, and educational take home activities that align with STEM learning standards. The L4L fundraiser creates real kWh savings and reinforces the energy efficiency lessons taught during the presentation. Educating enthusiastic youth about saving energy is an investment that pays dividends for decades to come.

L4L is scalable and MEEA offers tailored program packages based on your licensing needs.

For more information about Lights for Learning, email Sage Gerson, Program Associate, sgerson@mwalliance.org, or call her at 312.374.0928. You may also visit the program website at http://www.lights4learning.org