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The Weidt Group is an international energy and software consulting firm, working with state and local governments, architects, engineers, building owners, and utilities to achieve high-performance buildings. We provide Energy Design Assistance and Measurement & Verification services for commercial new construction, as well as engineering benchmarks for improving ongoing performance of existing buildings.

Founded in 1977 to account for the environmental impacts of buildings, we value knowledge of real-world outcomes. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, The Weidt Group conducted field research into the actual performance of existing buildings. Publication of these and subsequent studies resulted in better design standards and industry-wide refinements for testing practices.

Based on our knowledge of how buildings work, we began simulating future building performance in 1988. Today, Energy Design Assistance is a comparative analysis service we provide on over 200 projects each year, using industry standard and DOE-supported simulation tools. Our consistent Energy Design Assistance methodology supports equipment and system innovations on a project level through accurate contextual analysis to provide operational guidance to owners and information back to the design teams. Because of our founding interests and values, our staff field-verifies and measures the performance of roughly 150 buildings a year. Extending these methodologies, we enable building owners to tune-up their buildings as uses change over time.

Our staff consists of architects, mechanical engineers, software designers, and green building educators. These individuals include members of the Clinton Climate Initiative Technical Resources Group, the IESNA Daylighting Metrics Subcommittee, the LEED® IEQ Technical Advisory Group, as well as LEED and ASHRAE Faculty. The firm’s staff certifications include ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP) and 29 LEED Professionals.

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