Eutectics™ is a mission-driven company focused on making clean energy mainstream by connecting qualified projects with committed capital. We mobilize public and private finance to achieve public policy goals through our Clean Energy Financing Hubs. Eutectics helps states, regions and cities to accelerate energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment through competitive finance tools as part of the Clean Energy Financing Hubs. Eutectics' Hubs currently operate in two Midwestern states with several others in development.


As of December 2015, Eutectics has facilitated $87 Million in renewable energy projects, including: small businesses and nonprofits; public buildings both small and large; multifamily; educational facilities and large businesses. Eutectics' finance solutions within our Clean Energy Financing Hubs include PACE financing, innovative solar financing, on bill repayment, small business leasing and lending, and more.

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