Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

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The Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives (AIEC) is the service organization for member electric and telephone cooperatives in Illinois. The voting members of the AIEC include 24 electric distribution cooperatives and two power generation and transmission cooperatives. The AIEC increases the effectiveness and efficiency of its member cooperatives by providing common and essential services. These include engineering services and rate studies,  coordination of safety programs, legislative research and information, member information, printing and publications, public relations, and group purchasing of materials and supplies. As a liaison for the electric cooperatives in Illinois, the AIEC works with governmental agencies and other organizations dedicated to the growth and development of Illinois and the improvement of the welfare of its citizens. Through its service to member cooperatives, the AIEC contributes to the continued success and operation of the rural electrification program serving nearly 300,000 families and businesses in Illinois.

Member since 2005