K-12 Education

Lights for Learning

The Lights for Learning® program inspires students to take action, stimulates awareness of energy efficiency and educates students to become the next generation of environmentally responsible citizens.

Through Lights for Learning educational presentations and fundraisers, students learn to make energy-conscious and environmentally-aware decisions.

L4L presentations educate students, teachers and families about energy efficiency. Program presenters are available for informative and interactive presentations at participating schools, organizations, and events, illustrating the tangible benefits of energy-efficient products and adopting simple energy-saving behaviors. L4L presentations can be tailored to the participation of a few students, or dozens. Students' age and the amount of time allotted are taken into account when planning in-school presentations. The presentations focus on the use of energy saving devices, home energy conservation and energy-efficient lighting. L4L presentations feature energy bikes and light boards as interactive learning experiences for hands-on student use. L4L provides educators with fun and age-appropriate take-home materials that promote STEM skills and reinforce the program's themes of energy conservation and efficiency. The educational materials are broken out into four separate age- and level-appropriate Energy Saving Teams.

To learn about the Illinois Lights for Learning program, visit lights4learning.org.